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Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

February 13th, 2007 (03:05 am)

current mood: busy

I fail to understand the current furore surrounding valentines day. I have a boyfriend and I still have to buy my own chocolates.

No, I think this valentines I shall be staying inside, where it is warm, perhaps watching a DVD. As I will be with Ichigo, the film is likely to contain a higher proportion of crimefighting than romance. If I am lucky he will have had the foresight to do the weeks laundry that morning, and his room will smell more of fabric softener than musk. There will be no candles, as I am suspicious of the fumes coming from the heater.

I suspect he won't even have looked twice at the special edition 'Be My Snugglebunny' Chappy with genuine embroidered velvet heart, let alone bought it for me. If he had, the stock level in the toystore opposite his college would have decreased by one in the past seven days.

No, life in a relationship is not all a bed of roses, or popular brand name rabbit themed items. Still, I suppose I will get by.

Besides, there are more important things. Auditions. This being the final year, our showcases will be attended by more than just an audience of family, friends, and comp-ticketed schoolchildren. There will be directors, agents. This may as well be the real thing.

I don't think anyone understands the significance. When I called Renji to tell him I had been asked to try out for Little Red Riding Hood in 'Into The Woods' he made nothing but disparaging remarks related to my height. It is a complex part! There was no reason to joke that I could be understudied by all seven of Snow White's dwarves.

There are other shows to audition for, of course. Hopefully it will be in these that I can show my aptitude for being something other than a shoo-in to play anyone vertically challenged.

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

It's snowing...

January 14th, 2007 (07:02 am)

current mood: quiet

I woke up and, in the dark of my bedroom, tried to determine whether it was before or after midnight by reason of whether I felt different. It was hard to decide, though perhaps that was mere sleepiness clouding my normally sharper senses. Finally, sitting up and turning my head toward the light pollution pressing at my window, I noticed that the first snow of winter is beginning to fall outside.

Without any mention of frigidity, I knew then that it was the fourteenth.

I have always liked winter, but I like it more since living here. While the building traps heat in the manner of some specially constructed sauna (do not mention this to the landlord, he will think it a marketing opportunity), the cold seems to seep through the brickwork, so that you can feel it by pressing your fingers or face to the cracks in the wall. It's like a cool cloth to soothe a fever.

And snow! It is hardly winter without snow, even if it is generally difficult to get outside and mark out first footprints before the crossing paths of night workers and mailmen with early shifts have already turned it to grey slush. It stays white in the park. If it settles today then I might crunch my way along the salted streets, later, and go up to the field where people sunbathe during July. Nobody goes this time of year save those in search of a fresh white canvas to footstep write their name in before walking away.

It is 2am, though, and I have at least six more hours to fill before it gets light enough for such an expedition.

I think my rabbit is snoring.

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

December 10th, 2006 (05:20 pm)

Ichigo - I left one of my brother's bespoke suits on your bed this morning. Please put it on and come upstairs.

Bring your camera.

And a hairbrush.

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

October 23rd, 2006 (03:43 am)

current mood: confused
current song: the time-life ultimate love song compilation disc one

The rain has, as I predicted, dissipated into a humid fug within the walls here. The second floor is subtropic. I am almost sorry that the leaks of last week have, for the most part, been repaired. The air is even more trapped than usual. Everything is clammy. I do not mind sweat, when it has been earned for a reason, but this is ridiculous. I can't sit down without sticking to things, it makes me question what virtues we ever saw in leather as a furnishing option.

The sticking being less embarrassing than the noise upon squelching to standing, of course. And it hurts to rip yourself free. I have taken to sitting on the fire escape outside my window - the metal is cold, but kinder to the thighs.

I could say that exposure to the elements helps me contemplate my animal nature, too. It doesn't (perhaps if I was contemplating being a pigeon), but that is my 'homework' from college this week. It's absurd. There is this new, avant garde tutor, and he has assigned us each an animal to 'become' during our session in class. When am I going to need to become an animal, exactly? It's not as if we are even allowed to talk. No one would go to a theatre to watch something like this. They would go to a zoo.

And I don't understand why I have to be a goat.

...Well, at least having finished my character study early (they bleat and kick, what else is there to write?) allows me time to work on my own research. Far more complex, I have even had cause to search through the 'further resources' section of the devoted wikipedia page. Though, I'm still not sure I'm any nearer to a definition.

Private to Ichigo.Collapse )

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

October 11th, 2006 (02:46 am)

current mood: listless

Tatsuki, you may have your wire wool and scrubbing mitts back. I do not believe I shall be needing them anymore.

My brother is home, and the apartment less quiet that it has been in too long (I must remember that I missed this subtle noise, next time the squeak of chalk engaged in blackboard equations threatens to drive me mad). It might be that this change helped me notice how quite I have been, compared to usual. I have been reading everything, of course, but there has been little to say.

Of course, the upshot of such stoicism should be to have more to update on now. One would think. My days have not been entirely uneventful - I spent an afternoon with Tenten, several platefuls of sushi and an outrageously fixed arcade machine. I visited the gym where Mr. Madarame works (my fists are not bruised, the swelling was merely an allergy to one brand of cleaning fluid). I have attended college for most of the classes that I was intended to. We are reading Jean Paul Sartre, and Life Is A Dream by Pedro Calderon De La Barca. The pronunciation of the author's name is somehow the least complicated part of the play.

Other than that.... no. September has been remarkably uneventful, save for an overall feeling of too much space, and the weather being warmer than is usual for this time of year. I do, however, hold out high hopes for the rest of October. I think I should be planning a costume.

Renji? Ichigo? come up. Byakuya presented me with the startling New York souvenir of a tin of popcorn featuring the MOMA logo. The proviso is that the tin will come in handy, but I do have to empty it first, and Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is showing on lifetime tonight. It's a modern classic. Bring sugar.

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

September 16th, 2006 (02:49 am)
current song: it's beginning to get to me : snow patrol

Why is there no such thing as a frightening movie anymore? I just sat through two hours of nothing more horrifying than a man in unusual cone-shaped headgear, before tuning in to some late night Twilight Zone.

What exactly is so scary about being sent to a cornfield? I have walked through cornfields, they can be a little scratchy on the lower legs, nothing to scream about. Admittedly I have never been stuck in one, but corn is a useful staple of our diet. In time the exiles could grind it into flour and make bread, even set up a viable trading post and sell their product in order to buy other necessities. Perhaps a bus ticket to a town with less insane people.

Lost is more frightening than this, and the last episode of that I saw, their main threat was a polar bear from the ID (don't people realise it's a reworking of The Tempest?). I will watch again when the bald one goes crazy and kills everybody.

I am on my own, a teenage girl alone in an empty apartment in the middle of the night. Practically a slasher movie staple. It should not be this difficult to unsettle me.

Perhaps I should just make some popcorn and scrub out the shower.

I wasn't going to sleep, anyway.

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

September 13th, 2006 (07:30 am)

It has become traditional, one might say cliche, for a woman to cut her hair during times of transition. Hairdressers are kept in business by their female clients beginning new jobs (requiring a cut as sharp as their suit), going through divorces (the idea that new hair equals a new you, ignoring the statistics that men almost always cheat with women who have longer hair) or simply getting older (and who needs hair long enough for pigtails anymore?).

Hair becomes something to shackle a person with, bonds made out of vanity and tightened by expectation, nailed to the wall by the repeated mantra of this is how it's always been. The act of cutting it, then, is freedom. The chance to move on, unfettered.

Then, I wonder what it says when the cut is to a style you haven't worn since high school.Collapse )

Private:Collapse )

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

September 4th, 2006 (03:40 pm)

It would appear that the one unwise thing to do after rinsing out a toaster is use it.

...At least the scorch marks came off the counter top without too much sanding. And it is only a toaster, it can be replaced with little difficulty. I was intending to purchase one in town today, but discovered QVC were dedicating an entire hour to the wonders of bread heating appliances. Now I am at a loss as to why I never explored the avenues of home shopping before - so simple, and there is no risk of coming home with muddy shoes.

Besides which, there have been such advancements in the field of toasting that I now know it would have been foolish to buy an ordinary, two-slice, cave age contraption. Endless choice: artistic toasters that will burn patterns into the bread for you, six slice toasters, toasters with an added grill for the simultaneous preparation of meat or dairy products. I do not intend to make my purchase yet - buy in haste and repent at leisure - however the toaster/alarm/coffee maker is a leading contender. I am a firm believer in functionality.

I have no worries about waiting until I am certain of my toaster choice. Did you know it is possible to shop twenty four hours per day with this channel? I printed out their viewing timetable so as not to miss the 'houseproud' hour. I have my eye on a scrubsy mitt and mop-dee-doo. 5pm tonight, you may consider this a public service announcement.

I just can't get over how lucky I was to have been watching at midnight and got in on the special value item before it sold out. Who doesn't need more towels?

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

On filth:

September 1st, 2006 (12:30 pm)

current mood: enraged

I have never put much stock in the saying 'cleanliness is next to godliness', it seems to me a strange idea given the general standards of hygiene in biblical times. There is, however, something to be said for the process of keeping clean. The grease I found caking the oven walls, ugh. The dust behind the wall units.

Dust and Bunnies quite honestly have no comparative traits. One is bright eyed and twitchy whiskered, the other heaps itself in musty piles wherever it is allowed, billowing out to coat any would be cleaner in strange grey powder. The only preventative action is to lead the life of a spartan - bare essentials and no blocky wall units to provide nooks and crannies where filth can gather. It is no wonder we catch germs so easily - who knows what lurks among the unidentifiable wooly bits and disembodied spider parts.

I have been living in a disease pit. It occurred to me while washing the dishes - What is the point, if the cupboards I put them in aren't cleaned also? And after the cupboards, the unit surfaces. Inside the wall units, the oven, microwave, toaster. How can we put fresh bread in with that melee of mouldering crumbs? I gave it a good scrub. Mopped the floors.

Mopping the carpet was less successful. The corner that I tried it on now smells a little strange. I will be looking into hiring one of those industrial steamers, instead. Clearly a hoover just won't do. Next up - the bedsheets and soft furnishings. I hope no one intended to use the laundry room today?

Renji - you ought to take a lesson from this. With the state of your room I'm surprised things aren't decaying in there. Your unwashed clothes will soon be stiff enough to walk out on their own.

Oh, and did you find my other shoe? It might be under the bed.

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Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]

(no subject)

August 31st, 2006 (05:02 pm)

current mood: exanimate



Need... water.


a bucket.

Tenten I might be a little late.

How did I get a cocktail umbrella there?

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